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first, here are the participants for the sonnet challenge:

AutumnalThe small trees and bushes got the news first
The treetops and the edges of leaves then
Burst into colour like they had rehearsed
setting aflame all the trees in the glen.
The weeping willow has begun to shed
Tears of yellow gold all over it's feet
The maples broad leaves burn a brazen red,
While in orange some trees do autumn greet.
The world shudders to think of winter's bite
when the last leaf falls down the whole world grieves,
and cowers under the north wind's cold might,
as snow covers the brown forgotten leaves.
The wild geese point south and sadly call,
Go Heralding the advent of the fall.
:thumb320971667: Your Name's My Best ObscenityThe sweetest curses are sugar on lips
If I died this evening, you'd find your name
aflame- the words I last shouted in vain
lingering on my tongue like a toxic kiss-
revenge is addicting, venomous pain,
even spent on cries I know are mundane
No fixing up this unholiest tryst,
forged by two fools who believed in their lies;
or maybe it was I, eager for light
even in spite of the flaws I had seen
Can light be fake? Were your twinkling eyes
a mere disguise to make me ignite?
Aflame, in vain, impure light fuels my screams

thanks, you guys!

and now the the newest challenge:

cinquain refrain tutorialthe cinquain refrain, not to be confused with the cinquain, is a form i devised after playing with refrain forms like the monotetra and the trijan refrain.
here is the rundown:
- there are 5 lines per stanza (no minimum or limit to the number of stanzas)
- there are eight syllables per line.
- lines 1,2, and 3 rhyme with one another
- lines 4 and 5 rhyme with one another
- there is an internal rhyme concerning the first 4 syllables of lines 2 and 3: they must be phrases that rhyme with one another. they must also rhyme with line 4.
- the first four syllables of lines 2 and 3 are refrained, in order, to create line 5.

in the template below, the numbers indicate the number of syllables per line, and the uppercase letters in parentheses indicate the rhymes. this pattern is repeated for each stanza, though it is not necessary to use the same rhymes in each stanza.
8 (A)
4 (B) 4 (A) (for a total of 8 sylls)
4 (B) 4 (A) (for a total of 8 sylls)

please include a mention of and a link to this blog in the comments of you piece and please submit it to the '2012 challenges' folder. this challenge will run til the middle of october, approximately.


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SovereignSin Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Student Writer
Seems incredibly difficult; I can't wait to give it a try.
deinktvis Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Student Writer
it can be tricksy, but it is great fun!
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